mandag 2. februar 2009

Caroline Cove and her big balls!

I have seen CC play both in Blackpool and Liverpool, and she sure knows the game of poker. I must admit I had a good laugh when a frustrated poker friend of mine described her this way after being knocked out in Blackpool; 'Allan, that girl must be at least 7 feet tall, she was talking nonstop but you really dont wanna mess with her!'

For the Main Event starting Friday let's welcome; Caroline Cove!

CC, I know you're an experienced poker player on Merseyside. However, not many Scandics know you. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Alan I'm an open book :) Everyone who has met me at the poker tables knows I am a very refined, quiet and shy lady, who only ever goes in with the nuts. I have never - repeat - never been barred from any casinos for arguing. Vicious rumours.

Where are you from?

I have a pub in Town Green which is near to Ormskirk.

Somebody asked me if that 'shy blondy' qualified through the LIVE satellite at Circus last Monday? Haha, not sure if he meant you.

Yes, he will definitely have meant me. I'm actually surprised he even noticed me, I am that quiet.

Being a girl around the poker table, do you have any special strategies? You certainly know how to play.

Okay I'll take my tongue out of my cheek now and tell the truth. I am not a typical representative of a girl at the poker table. It has been said many times I have bigger balls than most of the blokes! I run a pub, I've never been a shrinking violet and I am a very confident, outspoken woman - the line I hear most often is "Caroline says out loud what everyone else is just thinking" and I'm afraid it's true. I love to play poker and I have worked hard over the past year to really improve my game, so I can back up my big mouth with the moves to match as part of my game. I can talk anyone into calling when I want them too. One of my weaknesses is talking them into calling when I DON'T want them to! I talk when I have a hand and I talk when I don't so at least I'm consistent.

How long have you played online poker? Your strengths?

My strength online is not playing! I find it too easy to go on tilt online, yet I never do live. I have had a bit of success online but I'd be lying if I said overall I was up. I don't play cash online at all, but do enjoy 10 seater Sit n Goes.

How have you been doing lately?

I seem to be on form, I've only played live seven times this month and have cashed in 5 out of those 7 tournaments, plus I have played cash 4 times and only left down on one occasion. Last Monday I won one of the 4 LIVE satellite seats to the main event at the Winter Festival which I'm really excited about!

Have you entered the team competition yet?

No! We are two members (Caroline and Colin) - one to find! If anyone wants to play with me... speak up now!

Any bad beat stories?

I tend to forget a bad beat as soon as it happens purely because I know how many times I've bad beat people myself! They tend to even out but I think people forget about the horrible calls they make and get lucky and only remember when it happens to them.
My personal moment of achievement was in Dublin last year at the Winter Festival. I played the £500 side event, which I was paid into by Betfred (I spent the money and then had to win a satellite!!!) and had a very hard game with a massive lack of hands. Anyway, I tend to play a short stack well, as my concentration really sharpens up, and managed to keep myself in with a series of steals, squeezes and bullying small boys till they folded. I was then moved to a table which really should have been the TV table - other players there included Julian Thew, Ciaran O'Leary, James Akenhead and a few online pros. I played my heart out and finally managed to make it to the last two tables - into the money. I do remember what I went out with - a guy had just made a really bad call and gone on tilt, all in blind last three hands. The fourth time he did it I found KK in the SB and called. He had JQ and the flop came rag, rag, rag.. followed by a jack.. and another Jack! Game over! 18th place, about €1K. Like I say though, I had been on borrowed time for the past two hours, so I really couldn't complain - I had sucked out a few times to get as far as I did.

Looking forward to see you in Liverpool, Caroline.

I can't wait!! Good luck to and Circus Casino.

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Anonym sa...

caroline is one of the worst "poker players" ive ever played against

cashbiatch sa...

Couldn't agree more. Pure lucky fish me :(
Loving your bravery though "anon"

Let me look in my crystal balls.. yep, I see a small man, older than myself.. is he wearing glasses.. yep thats him - smells like fish but tastes like chicken :)

Anonym sa...

Enjoyed the read, thanks for both taking the time.

s adams sa...

Good Luck for the tourny and keep juggling them "balls" :)

Careybear sa...

Great interview Caroline :) Hey in that top picture that's my arm next to you ;)